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Misc. Day – Desecration

From the initial inner workings of the harsh building synths and atmospheric percussion that is more spacious than the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Altar Of Plagues on their third and final recorded venture are able to constrict and nearly abolish light on… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Desecration”

STREAMING // (Album) CAUSTIC WOUND – “Death Posture”

Listen Here – BandCamp/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes Released On Profound Lore CAUSTIC WOUND: Vocals: Clyle Lindstrom Guitars: Max Bowman + Chase Slaker Bass: Tony Wolfe Drums: Casey Moore Recorded + mixed By: Detto Mastered By: Dan Lowndes Art By: Jonathan Baurele Track List: Death Posture, Cemetery Planet, Visions… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Album) CAUSTIC WOUND – “Death Posture””

Misc. Day – Killing Fields

Through the albumin paper toned with gold that surrounds the cover arts of Cobalt, they frequently explore these backwoods and historical tones that somehow transpires effortlessly into metal. With pigments of dull forest greens, harsh dirt browns, and yellows that bleed off the Rorschach,… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Killing Fields”


Listen Here – BandCamp/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

New Music – Nothing Subliminal

From the name alone, Pissgrave has some clarification and clairvoyance of sound. Even before the record starts to spin, images of anger, blasphemy, emotionally crushing ability, and a sincere loss of hope flash into the synapses. Those are all accurate assumptions as Posthumous Humiliation… Continue Reading “New Music – Nothing Subliminal”

Misc. Day – The Empty Skies

Subtly is an important factor when building intrigue and mystery behind a piece of music. Some artists can struggle with this key component and thus their music has no real flare or true depth. Loss is a band that transcends against the grain and… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – The Empty Skies”

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