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From the name alone, Pissgrave has some clarification and clairvoyance of sound. Even before the record starts to spin, images of anger, blasphemy, emotionally crushing ability, and a sincere loss of hope flash into the synapses. Those are all accurate assumptions as Posthumous Humiliation takes a lead-filled boot to the temple and repeats the process until nothing separates the foot between the ground.

Pissgrave performs at a level that resembles an earthquake, something catastrophic and unorganized but somehow gravitates all attention towards them. From the opening track “Euthanasia” which immediately puts a full-frontal assault toward the listener, combining belligerence and uniformity somehow into one tightly-knit package. It is reminiscent of the video series Faces of Death where not only is the cover art entirely gut-wrenching, but it surprisingly is fitting and matches as the cover and music trade blows between the two.

With little in ways of remorse or substantial pity, Posthumous Humiliation is the musical equivalent of a freight train running the listener over, multiple times and through a slow, repetitive grind. Many of the tracks have an ultra-violent feel behind them where even the concerts are danger zones and are part of an active warzone. Whether in the atmosphere if physicality or the overarching blind hits through the ears, Pissgrave is a punishable balance between the hounds of death that punch through and the thrash style that comes with the track “Funeral Inversion”.

Still, without much in forms of approachability, Pissgrave is primarily instrumental that does more to add gasoline to the already blazing fire that was their last record, Suicide Euphoria. As the 2019 push to the eternal end starts to rush through the blitz of what seems as Pissgrave’s newest way to incite a riot, Posthumous Humiliation performs in a similar vein that would shock and destroy like a hydrogen bomb of sound. The furious percussion pounds through and leaves little room for time of regeneration or rejuvenation, this album will leave the listener sweating and bleeding from the ears.

Between the disgusting cover, the eye-catching name, the sporadic play styles, and the shrieks of mothers covering their child’s eyes from the inhumane spectacle; Pissgrave is one of the more impactful relapses of the year.  Posthumous Humiliation leaves a stain where there was once a person, immaculately combining animosity with desperation and the fear of the future from Pissgrave.

Listen To Posthumous Humiliation Here!!! – Profound Lore/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

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