STREAMING // (Album) Vangard – “VanDead: Melt Into A Dream”

Listen Here – Soundcloud Track List: Dominate The Rap, Stella DOOM (Melt Into A Dream), Dark Stars Anonymous, Space89, No Mercy, Shame (When Things Go Wrong), Shadowboxing The Apocalypse

New Music – Uncut Jems

Before the end of 2019, Your Old Droog throws his Kippah into the ring with a less than traditional sound to the newest, 12-track collection of sparked orthodox power. Jewelry is the 35-minute long span that has a solid gold cast of features and… Continue Reading “New Music – Uncut Jems”

Classic Day – Tanks and Planes

MF DOOM seems to have more aliases and pseudonyms than actual records and in the way that he carries himself through the early 90s with KMD to his solo records and joint albums lately. DOOM has had an incredibly expansive career that continues to… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Tanks and Planes”

STREAMING // (Album) Your Old Droog – “It Wasn’t Even Close”

Listen Here – Soundcloud Featuring: DOOM, Mach-Hommy, Lil Ugly Mane, Wiki, Roc Marciano

Classic Day – Pyramids of Sand

Whether wearing the mask of Metal Face, hitting the scenes as King Geedorah, or sparking the flames with more power than the Triple Entente; MF DOOM hit the streets of New York as the steel spitter with comic book overtones. He was the anti-hero… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Pyramids of Sand”

STREAMING // (Album) Abstracter – “Cinereous Incarnate”

Pretty Heavy Doom and Gloom // Listen/Download Here – BandCamp From Sentient Ruin Laboratories Recorded and Engineered by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer, Oakland CA. Drums captured by Ben Hirschfield at NuTone, Pittsburgh CA Additional soundscapes by Kevin Gan Yuen and Only Now Mastered by Brad… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Album) Abstracter – “Cinereous Incarnate””

STREAMING // (Track) DOOM – “07. Notebook 06”

MASKED MAN // Listen Here – Adult Swim

STREAMING // (Track) DOOM – “VIKTOR VAUGHN – 06. Notebook 05”

HE HAS RISEN // Listen Here – Adult Swim

STREAMING // (Track) DOOM X KOOL KEITH – “05. Notebook 04 (PROD. BY: ASTRONOTE)”

KOOL DOOM // Listen Here – Adult Swim  

STREAMING // (Track) MF DOOM X SEAN PRICE – “01. Notebook – Negus”

DOOM makes a weekly return 1 track = 15 weeks Listen Here – Adult Swim

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