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STREAMING // (Album) Abstracter – “Cinereous Incarnate”

Pretty Heavy Doom and Gloom // Listen/Download Here – BandCamp From Sentient Ruin Laboratories Recorded and Engineered by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer, Oakland CA. Drums captured by Ben Hirschfield at NuTone, Pittsburgh CA Additional soundscapes by Kevin Gan Yuen and Only Now Mastered by Brad… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Album) Abstracter – “Cinereous Incarnate””

New Music – Slashed And Bashed

    Italy is home to many things, the Tuscan sunset, a rich history, and some of the best metal music in the world. The main exporter of precision machinery, Italian musicians’ LORN work as a well-oiled machine that combines a burning assault of… Continue Reading “New Music – Slashed And Bashed”

Misc. Day – Sorrow And Extinction

  Hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, Pallbearer is a doom-metal/stoner-rock band with a grand sound. Swapping through different members, Pallbearer has seen drummers come and go until finally sticking to a final entourage of Brett Campbell on vocals and guitar, Devin Holt on backing… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Sorrow And Extinction”

Classic Day – When The Kite String Pops

When The Kite String Pops is the debut release from Louisianan sludge/doom metal band Acid Bath. The band sounds like a gasoline soaked pit of rage as the instruments are destructive and the vocals from Dax Riggs brings so much energy into each track.… Continue Reading “Classic Day – When The Kite String Pops”

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