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New Music – East Coast Champs

Through the past nearly four years that Matt’s Music Mine has been established, there has always been this gravitation toward the artists that can manipulate an underground following into something more destructive and captivating as time progresses. Trailing WIFIGAWD and producer Tony Seltzer through… Continue Reading “New Music – East Coast Champs”

STREAMING // (Album) The Khan – “Paranoia”

Listen Here – Soundcloud Producers: Hi-C, Jaguar Claw, Hyrich, Spenser, Ghost Rage, Lil Trvsh, Applefritter Featuing: Chachi, Brennan Savage, Jaxxon D. Silva


Listen Here –Soundcloud Produced By: JAGUAR CLAW Cover Art By: Steefofferhaus

STREAMING // (Video) The Khan – “SPACESHIPS”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Produced By: LUCILFAUX Shot and Edited By: PUBLICGROWZ

STREAMING // (Track) The Khan – “On Da Block”

Listen Here – Soundcloud Produced By: Hi-C

Misc. Day – The D.C. Souljah

“Don’t worry about what the fuck he be doin’” are the first words that open up WIFIGAWD’s Trenches To Riches, a certified hood classic that relies on all the direct mechanical pieces to create a new aged hip-hop dessert. The weighted production handled entirely… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – The D.C. Souljah”

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