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“Don’t worry about what the fuck he be doin’” are the first words that open up WIFIGAWD’s Trenches To Riches, a certified hood classic that relies on all the direct mechanical pieces to create a new aged hip-hop dessert. The weighted production handled entirely by OOGIE MANE who (produced for MATT OX and created one of the hottest collections of tracks in 2017) is a member of the Philadelphia collective Working On Dying which creates a perfect complementary style to WIFIGAWD.

Brash, Bold, and completely necessary, Trenches To Riches is immediately an abrasive mix of basement booming hits that collect the trap house hip-hop and give it new breath. WIFIGAWD is simply able to capture a tone behind the relaxed and controlled delivery. “Intro” gives WIFIGAWD his first vocal flow that comes naturally. As the sound bytes of lions, ad-libs, choppa sounds, and even explosions cover the gaps where Trenches To Riches starts to become this jugged-out journey.

The go-to record for driving 100 mph on the highway weaving in and out of lanes, or even just for the casual midnight stroll; “Ww111” is a mosh pit within a ball of raging gasoline. The track feels instantly volatile and creates a flexed out approach as WIFIGAWD explains “Need a Porsche and a mansion, all my diamonds dancing. Stripper bitches dancing, these bitches come in handy. Just like Handy Manny, flexin’ like I’m Randy. Goth bitch like Mandy, eat my dick like candy.” His appearance may come off as impersonal and ill-mannered, but that is what Trenches To Riches is all about.

The record steps over the competition in one of the more musically muscular releases of the DMV area. He is rugged around the edges but holds an instant pushing and persistent style that is impossible to replicate. WIFIGAWD takes his coke-white cover art and delivers a tough structure behind it. Where OOGIE MANE is able to support Trenches To Riches and manipulate a mutual fund where the collaborative effort feels more as business partners that know each other’s strengths and are able to capitalize on them.

“Good Gas” is another track that works to slide WIFIGAWD’s love for Kush to the mainframe. He explains “Good gas I smoke” in the hook over the frantic and shifting production, the way that WIFIGAWD actually is able to delivery his verses on Trenches To Riches is one of the more substantial and vital importance to the record. His voice is almost chopped and screwed in a fashion that feels slowed, almost as if he was recording in this comatose state where the words roll out of his mouth. He is still emotionally apprehensive, but Trenches To Riches has a strict juxtaposition within the sporadic production and the slumped rhyming.

As the final moments where WIFIGAWD falls back to the shadows, in an always progressive and lab rat cycle of producing and creating music; the listener is left full. Trenches To Riches is a five-course meal on steroids. The entrée is a juicy steak that works the sides of fulfilling production and the drug infested, robbing and getting, money-making delivery of WIFIGAWD.

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