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Classic Day – Use Some

By 1980, the third studio record by British born punk band Magazine was able to spawn a conversation with their faster, more agitated riffs and percussion that was able to both control and also crack through the pavement. The movement that ensues from The… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Use Some”

Misc. Day – Psycho-Wave

There is something fascinating about shortened punk EP’s that can cram four tracks onto a near seven-minute disc that burns through retinas and illustrates a wildfire of congestion. Hoax returns with their 2012 piece, Stuck or also known as another self-titled release under the… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Psycho-Wave”

STREAMING // (Album) Ghost/\/Ghoul – “Week 1: Hyper REM”

Listen Here – Soundcloud

New Music – Stuck in the Mud

The Richmond City Powerhouse, the Virginian Destroyer, Pistol Petey, are just some of the names given to the legend of the undergrounds of the city. His music captures that classic sense with a modern revamp and revitalization that moves Nickelus F. to the foreground… Continue Reading “New Music – Stuck in the Mud”

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