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The Richmond City Powerhouse, the Virginian Destroyer, Pistol Petey, are just some of the names given to the legend of the undergrounds of the city. His music captures that classic sense with a modern revamp and revitalization that moves Nickelus F. to the foreground in storytelling and vocal style. With his newest work Stuck, there is this incredible re-emergence of what the realness behind hip-hop is, but personified.

Stuck is a primarily hopeful journey, it follows Nickelus F. through the stages of fame, desperation, relaxation, and ultimately a struggle to rise above the competition in a game that is saturated with a large array of styles. Nickelus F. has this vocal performance and grasping ability behind his sound that makes Stuckone of the hottest records to within his discography. F’s ability to choose beats that mix the action in a wave of synthetic and authentic percussion; The bass and atmosphere that Nickelus F. holds is almost overpowering, but does not try too hard and come off as unauthentic. Stuckbottles this emotional distress and for Nickelus F., to be giving off one of the better performances of his career is saying something substantial.

Still breaming off the top of Triflin’, Nickelus F. displays a wide discography with some notable rhymers and producers in the past. But now, able to make his own beats, craft his own style, and work the best within himself; there is a need for Nick to bring his all. In a rare breed sense, Nickelus F. holds no bar back, delivering on every aspect on Stuck. The album here, is entirely almost perfect, Stuck is entertaining and holds the listener’s attention without ever becoming too long or drawn out even by the final, 14th track.

Performing some high lights on “On Our Own”, “King Soulja”, or “Hands”, Nickelus F. relies on some more cheerful, more energetic styling to capture these works of art into one frame. Stuck is this snapshot of the ability to turn distress into power, to which then turns into pure energy. Nickelus F. is a fire that has been burning for a long time, but always manages to add some ingredient that always makes that fire awe-inspiring.

From the references to Lil Ugly Mane, or to Sleazie Wonder, or the clever bars that show up time and time again. There is always something for Nickelus F. to prosper off of and to teach to the listener. His music opens a list of artists stemming just from Richmond in only a few bars, telling a history of Richmond rap in a 38-minute package.

Nickelus F. makes quite possibly his best album in years after jumping off another album that was already engaging and shifting on his style. Stuck stands as a perfect ten that relies on a grand variation of production, a wider stance on lyricism, and something to bust the speakers out of any that come in contact.

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