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STREAMING // (Album) Sporting Life – “Higher Ground”

Listen Here – BandCamp Track List: Good Day For Gortex, Jedi Country, Merrel, Padme, Force Spirit, Pressed Plants, Endor, Higher Ground, Ashla, Amidala, Pod Racing

STREAMING // (Album) Sporting Life – “labplex​.​eco”

Listen Here – BandCamp Featuring: Zola Aminah, MIKE, Saji Track List: SPOR’TERYX, Blue Zones, GET OUT AND STAY OUT, THE WORLD IS OUR LAB, Tales From The Loop, Peach Rhythm Raindrops, DAY FOR ONE, ZAHA CODE, UNITY ACROSS DIFFERENCE, PLEASE JUST BE

STREAMING // (Video) Sporting Life – “Rhythm Roulette”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube From Mass Appeal

STREAMING // (Album) Sporting Life – “HBCU Gameday”

Listen Here – BandCamp Featuring: FirstCircle, Medhane, AKAI SOLO, MIKE, KingCarterSlums, Panda Bear, Wiki

STREAMING // (Track) Sporting Life – “Face Mix 007: Sporting Life”

Listen Here – Soundcloud

New Music – Onyx Hands

Four tracks through a mountainous climb that tests the mind, agility, and beat-producing coming from Sporting Life where nothing lasts but the conscious of a sprawling landscape. As Black Diamond recruits feature verses and works from other surrounding artists, Sporting Life combines the love… Continue Reading “New Music – Onyx Hands”

STREAMING // (Video) Sporting Life – “Crux”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Featuring: MIKE + Wiki

STREAMING // (Track) Sporting Life – “Black Diamond”

Listen Here – Soundcloud/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes Featuring: Deem Spencer

STREAMING // (Track) Sporting Life – “Crux”

Listen Here – Soundcloud Featuring: MIKE + Wiki

Misc. Day – Instrumental Guardian

The crisp rattle of the hi-hats as the snap of the snare creates a contrast within the otherworldly warping synths and background elements that are littered throughout Sporting Life’s diverse production. The man of a thousand-plus sounds checks in with his 2015 release 55… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Instrumental Guardian”

STREAMING // (Video) Sporting Life – “Badd”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Directed/Produced By: Alon Sicherman Drone Operated By: Micah Dickbauer Opening title card By: Arvid Logan

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