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Classic Day – Funeral March

While most of the memories of Chet Baker come from his ability to protrude excellence and dominance from his trumpet, on his 1969 composition Albert’s House, however, is more fitting for a funeral than a summer of life. Coming off a horrific beating after… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Funeral March”

STREAMING // (Video) Lute – “Life”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Production Company: Slum County Inc + Haus Elephi Producer: Dho Director: Alexander and The Haus Editor + VFX : Gustavo Soto Cinematography + Photography:  Cordrell Colbert, Marcus Miller, Uncle Jut, Will Jenkins, Corey Weaver

Misc. Day – Instrumental Guardian

The crisp rattle of the hi-hats as the snap of the snare creates a contrast within the otherworldly warping synths and background elements that are littered throughout Sporting Life’s diverse production. The man of a thousand-plus sounds checks in with his 2015 release 55… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Instrumental Guardian”

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