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STREAMING // (Album) MouthBreather – “Dollmeat”

Listen Here – BandCamp Mixed By: Kurt Ballou Engineered By: Robert Cheeseman Mastered By: Brad Boatright Track List: Denim Jacket, Feeding Time, Anorexistentialist, Probortion, Fratscum, Shroudma.Bandcamp.com, Milk/Shit/Dirt

Classic Day – Legacy Of Brutality

Hard to believe that 10 years ago Nails was able to insert oppressive blast beats and floods of instrumental hell into the feeble frame of only 13 minutes. Marching down the funeral line like a wrecking crew, Unsilent Death is a burial at sea.… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Legacy Of Brutality”

Misc. Day – Spirit Of Amadeus

After an industrial break in the tides, Russian Circles bounce into their sixth studio record with the help of producer Kurt Ballou; two shining stars that burn brightly into the unforgiving night. Guidance is formal, in attendance and representation to what a march would… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Spirit Of Amadeus”

New Music – Wall of Sound

Full Of Hell is the equivalent to stepping onto thirty booby traps at once, walking in a room filled with a thousand crashing cymbals, or jumping headfirst into an ocean made of amplifiers. They are loud, they are noisy, and they will literally crush… Continue Reading “New Music – Wall of Sound”

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