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STREAMING // (Album) Hope Drone – “Husk”

Listen Here – BandCamp Recorded By: Christopher Brownbill Mixed By: Hope Drone + Christopher Brownbill Mastered By: Brad Boatright Artwork By: Joscha Bauer Drums + Additional Percussion: Francis Keil Vocals, Guitars, Noise: Christopher Rowden Vocals + Bass: Aaron Smith Guitars, Keys, + Noise: Karl Hartwig… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Album) Hope Drone – “Husk””

STREAMING // (Video) Frontierer – “Glacial Plasma”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Recorded + Mixed By: Pedram Valiani Mastered By: Brad Boatright Video By: Superfield


Listen Here – BandCamp Recorded By: Ryan Bram Mastered By: Brad Boatright Album Art By: JGA Track List: Void Below, Force Fed, Overdose, Slave

STREAMING // (Album) Malevich – “Our Hollow”

Listen Here – BandCamp Guitar + Vocals: Connor Ray Guitar: Josh McIntyre Drums + Vocals: Sasha Schilbrack-Cole Bass + Vocals: Daniel DeSimone Art + Design By: Sasha Schilbrack-Cole Recorded + Mixed By: Kevin Bernsten Mastered By: Brad Boatright Track List: Earthen Womb, Throne Of Decadence,… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Album) Malevich – “Our Hollow””

STREAMING // (Album) MouthBreather – “Dollmeat”

Listen Here – BandCamp Mixed By: Kurt Ballou Engineered By: Robert Cheeseman Mastered By: Brad Boatright Track List: Denim Jacket, Feeding Time, Anorexistentialist, Probortion, Fratscum, Shroudma.Bandcamp.com, Milk/Shit/Dirt

STREAMING // (Album) Portrayal Of Guilt – “Suffering Is A Gift”

Listen Here – BandCamp Recorded + Mixed By: Phillip Odom Mastered By: Brad Boatright At Audiosiege Artwork By: øjeRum Track List: Self-Inflicted, Scarcity, Dissolution, Moral Decay, A Futile Light, Merciless

STREAMING // (Album) Shut It Down Comp – “Shut It Down”

Listen Here – BandCamp Featuring: Minority Threat, Chepang, Amygdala, Thou, The 1985, Modern Life Is War, Disembodied, Terminal Nation, Cloud Rat, Xibalba, Sunn 0))), Burn, Primitive Man, Racetraitor, Dawn Ray’d, Kaonashi, Vile Creature, Hive, Jesus Piece, Cold Shoulder, Misery Signals, Rwake, Changeling, La Armada, Rough… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Album) Shut It Down Comp – “Shut It Down””


Listen Here – BandCamp NØ MAN: Maha Shami, Matthew Michel, Pat Broderick, + Kevin Lamiell Recorded + Mixed By: Matthew MIchel Mastered By: Brad Boatright Cover Illustrations: Josh Stephens Photos By: Reid Haithcock Track List: DIVE, SOS, TUNE IN, SECRET, SHOTS FIRED, CUT OUT, GOLDEN… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Album) NØ MAN – “ERASE””

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