STREAMING // (Album) Shut It Down Comp – “Shut It Down”


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Featuring: Minority Threat, Chepang, Amygdala, Thou, The 1985, Modern Life Is War, Disembodied, Terminal Nation, Cloud Rat, Xibalba, Sunn 0))), Burn, Primitive Man, Racetraitor, Dawn Ray’d, Kaonashi, Vile Creature, Hive, Jesus Piece, Cold Shoulder, Misery Signals, Rwake, Changeling, La Armada, Rough Francis, War On Women, End, Solarized, Cult Leader, Sect, Ache, Rebelmatic, Extinction AD, White Phosphorus, With War, MAAFIA, Dog Years, Exit Strategy, Redbait, Absolution, All Torn Up!, Cue Ball, Thorns On Reality, Many Blessings, Neckbeard Deathcamp, Bovice, Stza Crack

Track List: Punk Politics, Gaida Taskar Chutkeli, Where Have All The Windows Gone, KErosene, Filler, End Times Dub (Urian Hackney At The Controls, Seven Stitches [Live], Cop Drop 2020, Screen Door, La Injustica, Dream Canyon, Mountain, Tired, Zoropsidae, Black  Cloth [Live], Look Like Me [Alternative Press Diss], Apathy Took Helm!, Most Vicious Animal, Oppressor [Live], Primitive, River King, Indinince [Demo], Destroy Habituated Suffering, Plagued, Panthers In The Night, Anarcha, Usurper [Live At Saint Vitus], Magazines, Kurdistan, Curfew [Remix], Shell Shock [Live], Survival Gathering, 1991, 226, Scorched Earth [Live], Welfare, Fingers To Lips, Swallow Teeth, To Destroy / Knife Fight [Live], Not This Time [Urian Hackney Mix], Legalized Genocide, Record Scratch, Anthistemi, Enemies I Will Never Forgive, MAGAphobe, Fatal Fury

Artwork By: Tyronne Gietzmann

Universal Mastering By: Brad Boatright as Audiosiege

Compilation Name By: Flora Lucini

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