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Classic Day – Three’s Company

It’s rare for a supergroup that combines the likes of Dave Grohl from Nirvana and Foo Fighters, Josh Homme from Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age, and John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin to continue to age so gracefully like Them Crooked Vultures… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Three’s Company”

STREAMING // (Album) Run The Jewels – “RTJ 4”

Listen Here – Spotify/Amazon/iTunes Featuring: Greg Nice, DJ Premier, 2 Chainz, Zack De La Rocha, Pharrell Williams, Josh Homme, Mavis Staples Track List: yankee and the brave (ep. 4), ooh la la, out of sight, holy calamafuck, goonies vs. E.T., walking in the snow, JU$T,… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Album) Run The Jewels – “RTJ 4””

Classic Day – Blow-dried Smiles

While the burning red-sun begins to make its descent toward the base of the mountains in the distance, a lone wanderer whips the sweat pouring from his head as the rays of light dance around him in a thousand circles. The image is beautiful,… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Blow-dried Smiles”

New Music – Hell’s Anti-Heroes

Springing from the intense darkness that was …Like Clockwork, Queens of The Stone Age reaches new heights like the mighty phoenix. The ashes and dark, more quizzical style of …Like Clockwork is abandoned and instead traded for something much more fruitful on Villains. It… Continue Reading “New Music – Hell’s Anti-Heroes”

STREAMING // (Album) Queens Of The Stone Age – “Villains”

The Continuing Saga // Listen Here – Spotify/iTunes

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