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Classic Day – Blow-dried Smiles

While the burning red-sun begins to make its descent toward the base of the mountains in the distance, a lone wanderer whips the sweat pouring from his head as the rays of light dance around him in a thousand circles. The image is beautiful,… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Blow-dried Smiles”

STREAMING // (Video) Desert Sessions – “Easier Said Than Done”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Words Written By: Joshua Homme Music By: Joshua Homme + Carla Azar Producer: Esteban Zuluaga Exec. Producer: Jesse McClung Production Company: Little Ugly 1st AD: Cedric Chabloz Cinematographer: Patrick Jones Gaffer: Quinn Brudos-Sommers Editor: Jakob Zieman Post Supervisor: Naheem Adio… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Video) Desert Sessions – “Easier Said Than Done””

Classic Day – Long Drive Home

Somewhere in the barren recesses, there lays a diamond amongst the sand. A true jewel of musical sound that laid buried deep, and almost in plain sight. This diamond was the strange, wonderful, and occult compilations known as The Desert Sessions; a love-child of… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Long Drive Home”

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