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Misc. Day – Divine Vines

The symbol becoming more iconic than the sound itself, the upside-down peace sign that Californian destroyers, Trash Talk dawn becomes a sigil of disobedience and defiance. On their 2011 EP release Awake, there is a balance on the scales that teeter more into the… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Divine Vines”

New Music – L.A. in Ashes

California outfit Trash Talk has been flirting with disaster their whole careers spanning a deeply rooted stance in hardcore punk rock that borders on the intensity of a kerosene factory and the unity of a book of matches. When teaming up with the hip-hop… Continue Reading “New Music – L.A. in Ashes”

New Music – Tangled Up

Trash Talk, The Sacramento Hardcore Punk band is back and as rugged as ever. The destructive four-piece movement brings Tangle EP to the table, a follow up to their 2014 release No Peace. Tangle EP is a quick 11-minute, 5 track EP that combines… Continue Reading “New Music – Tangled Up”

Misc. Day – Eyes & Nines

Trash Talk’s Eyes and Nines is an explosive tour through the fiery depths of hell. The journey is a blasting roller-coaster that slows down to catch its breath only for a moment, before return back into the frenzied mosh-pits that Trash Talk has been… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Eyes & Nines”

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