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Trash Talk, The Sacramento Hardcore Punk band is back and as rugged as ever. The destructive four-piece movement brings Tangle EP to the table, a follow up to their 2014 release No Peace.

Tangle EP is a quick 11-minute, 5 track EP that combines Trash Talk’s iconic hardcore sound that so many remember, and some new elements that keeps every release feeling fresh and unique. As Tangle EP kicks off into the thrash fest of a first track, “Disconnected” is an instant hardcore anthem. The guitar screech that starts the track off, to the then explosive opening where the full line of instruments and vocals come in with a wall of sound, instantly sets the mood for Tangle EP. Every track is a bombastic ride through these breakneck guitar riffs and drum rolls that continually shake the listener.

“Disconnected” is a great opener to the EP, and it allows the band to get in and become abrasive with the audience. It pulls no punches in a literal sense, and is one of Trash Talk’s better produced sounding tracks and EP’s overall. The band continues to evolve and change, while still keeping a consistent level of tenacity and strength that is always present in every release. As “Disconnected” kicks off, it changes up into a “chorus” where vocalist Lee Spielman can take control and let the rest of the band take a backseat.

This is not the case on all tracks however as Spielman actually tends to ride shotgun when compared to the instrumentalists and even other vocalist, Spencer Pollard. Pollard seems to be used much more frequently than in past releases and while he was still a monumental part of Trash Talk’s puzzle, he seems to be more at the forefront with Tangle EP.

The following track “Mr. Nobody” starts with drum rolls from Joey Castillo and it is a fantastic way to get the action started. “Mr. Nobody” feels similar to “Disconnected” as they are both frantic, head-banging, movement focused tracks that have choruses where the entire band joins in to shout the lyrics. It has these great lyrics stating “Nobody cares or knows what we do in secret.” Trash Talk has always had interesting lyrics and have always discussed society and its roles on daily life, “Mr. Nobody” is no different and has an outstanding flow into the next track.

“Constrictor” feels like a classic hardcore-punk song in the making. It uses Castillo and Garrett Stevenson on guitar to have these conflicting solo works. The percussion has a great amount of weight attached to it, the drums are tuned lower and the crashing cymbals continue to rattle the Earth.

Stevenson uses his guitar to cascade these chords and riffs around. Almost like a leader in the track, he commands the rest of the band with his solo breakdowns and directs the track into the second half. This is where Trash Talk slows down the action and lets Spielman take the center of the attention. Spielman gives everything his voice can project in this breakdown, shouting “All I know is everything, Can’t tell me anything at all.” The track then launches back into its previous riffs and pounding percussion before finally coming to a silence.

The following track “Feen” is a quick Minor-Threat esc sounding track that only lasts a single minute, but brings enough power and brawn to survive on its own. This is the most aggressive of all the tracks on Tangle EP and the short run time adds to its abrasiveness. It gets in, destroys the set, and then leaves the ashes for the next track, “Soothe Sayer”

“Soothe Sayer” is another track that begins with flames, the guitar and percussion really carries this song and using Pollard and Spielman on vocals lets this track become even more aggressive. “Soothe Sayer” is a person who was able to see or witness the future, and this track is a look into the future of Trash Talk and how their sound will continually resonate within the punk community. As the heavy-hitters, the aggressive artists, and the powerful punks, Trash Talk lives on as a testament to just how much fun 11 minutes can really be.

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