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New Music – Sounds of Confusion

Gunfire, smog, death, annihilation; all continuous notions that The Bug can collide with on their newest record, Fire. While it may be the musical equivalent to a city being coerced to ash, the inhabitants represent the fear on those 14 tracks. Space becomes The… Continue Reading “New Music – Sounds of Confusion”

Misc. Day – Rapping Since An Apparition

The urban cowboys are some of the rule-breakers that live in the hearts of millions and go down in the history books as some of the greatest rebels of all-time. Not only are they able to shake the foundation, but they stand in the… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Rapping Since An Apparition”

New Music – From The Ashes

Rising like the mighty hammer that fell all those years ago, Bloodclot bursts into action with some punk and hardcore heroes, bringing the spirit of hardcore into a revival that never seemed to truly burn out. The legendary line-up of Todd Youth from Samhain,… Continue Reading “New Music – From The Ashes”

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