Misc. Day – Rapping Since An Apparition


The urban cowboys are some of the rule-breakers that live in the hearts of millions and go down in the history books as some of the greatest rebels of all-time. Not only are they able to shake the foundation, but they stand in the face of greatness and perform at a level that only the masterminds, only the villains, only the kings can do. KIDS SEE GHOSTS is familiar at times, but stands monumental against the powerhouses of performances that come with collaborative albums.

Both Kid Cudi and Kanye West have seen their own form of success over the years. The wild rides of both triumph and failure rock together to blend the lines of traditional hip-hip and conformism that soon becomes abolished by the super group of abstract production and reverberation among lyrics. The mountains that shake beneath hearing the production on a track of “4th Dimension” that breaks the walls of sound and collects an ocean of emotion within only two-minutes and 33-seconds. Hearing West describe “it feels so good it should cost… This the theme song of something wrong” brings cold shakes and goose bumps to a generation that admired West for his production and ability to connect with being a rebel. Then as Cudi is able to become truly emotional and engaged with his audience, he captures their complete attention almost as soon as he opens his voice box.

KIDS SEE GHOSTS feels responsive and is a power-up of living giants with musical heavyweights. As if Bruce Lee could intertwine with Mike Tyson. The heavyweight production that comes from Kanye West and the light, but impactful jabs of Cudi’s lyricism that hits later as the words resonate. The Self-Titled release stands strong, almost toe-to-toe and eye-to-eye with some of the two artists’ best workings in the past. “Reborn” takes a winter-esque approach to the nighttime ride through the city. A well deserved and personal touch on the ability to break down the moans of Cudi to the abrasive nature of West.

The superheroes of rap can work together one more time to fulfill fans hungry stomachs once again. They collab and then dissipate as spirits that fly higher than before, closer to the sun but untouched by the beams. A shadow that never really leaves under the night sky, something that feels truly magical.

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