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New Music – The Fucking Progress

It is impossible to talk about the progression of an artist and to not bring up Tyler, The Creator, someone who is able to capture an audience as a shocking performer to now being a cultural hero for more than just the strange skater… Continue Reading “New Music – The Fucking Progress”

Misc. Day – Mellow Out

It started with the now-disbanded collective Odd Future that sold a quarter million off just socks alone led by Tyler, The Creator, and featured some of the strongest potential talents in hip-hop sound. While the main stages followed Frank Ocean, Earl Sweatshirt, and Tyler,… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Mellow Out”

Misc. Day – Profitable Prophets

Earl Sweatshirt in 2013 was beginning to gain more traction from the Odd Future craze. In his absence, his crew members were rising to unmeasurable amounts of hype and fame. Pink socks, donuts on everything, and goofy white kids who finally found their niche… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Profitable Prophets”

STREAMING // (Album) Domo Genesis – “Facade Records”

Listen Here – Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

STREAMING // (Album) Remy Banks – “Champ Hoody Music EP 2”

Listen Here – Soundcloud/Spotify/iTunes    

STREAMING // (Album) Domo Genesis – “Aren’t U Glad You’re U?” (Executively Produced BY: Evidence.)

Aren’t U? // Listen Here – Soundcloud/DatPiff Video Available Here // Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Shot & Directed by €¥£$ Edited by Chris Alessandra Production Company: hue.  

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