Misc. Day – Mellow Out


It started with the now-disbanded collective Odd Future that sold a quarter million off just socks alone led by Tyler, The Creator, and featured some of the strongest potential talents in hip-hop sound. While the main stages followed Frank Ocean, Earl Sweatshirt, and Tyler, the rise also saw MellowHype with Hodgy Beats and Left Brain, taking a soon culmination to MellowHigh, adding Domo Genesis to the mix.

For good reason, MellowHigh never had the attraction that Tyler’s direction had or the realistic sunken views that Earl brought, instead, MellowHigh was an interesting diversion that continued to blend a love to hip-hop and the fun of gathering friends to create art. While it was never perfect, that’s the beauty of the music here.

MellowHigh had a level of maturity that gained from the MellowHype days, it was easy to understand the framework for why introductory tracks like “Yu” or the hype of “Extinguisher” would hit a nerve for an Odd Future fan.

“Yu” especially was fantastic and simple, the production that leaned heavily on this piano rock back and forth while a chorus from Domo Genesis explains, “I can’t give a fuck bout what you saying, what you talking. I be sparking, nigga I’m just tryna smoke my weed.” Leaving Left Brain to cover the productive slack, there is a vein of fashion that comes from the simplicity of MellowHigh. It achieves for 44 minutes and can dissipate, leaving a murder weapon on the table after.

There is a desire to attack off “Extinguisher” based on the instrumental alone, it is electrifying and bursts at the scene like a monument of sound. The horns punch through like a marching band and give both Hodgy and Genesis ample ground to stand upon. Hodgy especially is an exemplary rhymer here describing through gritted teeth, “I’m attacking your captain, battle raps, shitting, clogging and calling your plumber. How these old ass niggas newcomers?”

The memory flashes back to seeing nerdy kids rocking supreme at the skatepark with pink socks, giving youth a few idols to follow. Odd Future moved like a plague, spreading through malls, concerts, and high school halls till it seemed that everyone knew the name that was in the know. MellowHigh while being a step outside the main focus of the group, still gave sections of being able to exhibit sonic ability that was serious enough to turn heads that saw past that allure of being in a scene.

Some of the tracks on MellowHigh definitely don’t age as gracefully as they could have (mostly “Roofless”), but looking back brings more good memories than any cringing times. Just three to four kids packing inside your mom’s garage to smoke a $20 sack before the parents got home. It wasn’t ideal by any means, but it made you feel like you were a part of something instead of being isolated.

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