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STREAMING // (Album) psychoangel – “psychosis:angelic [DEMO]”

Listen Here – BandCamp Track List: wrld_peace, cryosphere (psionic assault mix), //neurodivergence, nu_life, adobe_creative_cloud_keygen_x64, お​て​ん​ば​娘​攻​撃​!​!, silent-pilled

STREAMING // (Album) Molly Ringworm – “DEMO”

Listen Here – BandCamp Track List: CATCALLER, THE WINDOW, VOID

STREAMING // (Album) Phantom – “7 Song Demo”

Listen Here – BandCamp Art By: Nicky Rat Track List: Big Bore, Canker, You’re A Living Hell, Second Sight, T.A.N.K., Business Man, Object

STREAMING // (Album) Void Witch – “Demo”

Listen Here – BandCamp Recorded + Mixed By: Aaron Altounian Mastered By: Max Lorenzen Track List: My Coffin Overfloweth, Asphyxiation Ritual

STREAMING // (Album) Vile Command – “Demo”

Listen Here – BandCamp Track List: NIBBLING, WRINKLES

STREAMING // (Album) Little Angels – “Demo”

Listen Here – BandCamp Track List: Happy Birthday, Leather Jacket, Hotel, Clock In, Guilt, Party

STREAMING // (Album) Dawn Of Agony – “Demo”

Listen Here – BandCamp Recording By: Jeremy Davis Album Set Work By: Sam Thomas Track List: Slave, Truth Through Deicide, Primal, Blue Lives Shatter

STREAMING // (Album) Circus – “Demo”

Listen Here – BandCamp Artwork By: Llija N. Recorded, Mixed, + Mastered By: Nathan C. Photos By: Kristen N. Track List: Laughing In Piss, Clown Car Pile-Up, Feral Climax, Chucklehead Shiv (Honk Honk)

Misc. Day – Split Tape Blues

From 2015 to 2016, the desert stylings of the endless flames come from the choice cut, Empty Beings. As the road stretches beyond on the ability through musical changes, Both the Demo and Confront The Living tapes are approachable pieces of punk power. Head-on… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Split Tape Blues”

Misc. Day – The Crunch Of Bone

Snarl is the hardcore love child of Cam McBain and Parker Cannon, the agitated step-son is an understatement as Snarl taps into the vein of what makes hardcore a standout piece of the spotlight. The short tracks that barely reach over a minute, the… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – The Crunch Of Bone”

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