Misc. Day – The Crunch Of Bone


Snarl is the hardcore love child of Cam McBain and Parker Cannon, the agitated step-son is an understatement as Snarl taps into the vein of what makes hardcore a standout piece of the spotlight. The short tracks that barely reach over a minute, the louder-than-life movements, the rough approaches, it is a world of pure chaos and hellish intent. Snarl takes the ship into a nosedive, cracking the Earth in a fiery, five-minute assault.

Angry, Vengeful, and a blast of energy, Snarl moves creeping along in their genius-esque starting track, “Intro” is a slow crawl toward a soon corrosive goal. “Intro” is the first lighting of the fuse that eventually leads to the explosion of “Waste”, and “Tear You Apart”, two tracks that when put together are just barely shy of the two-minute mark. The four-track demo is more of a rush when played back to back and explored multiple times through the crushing introduction to the final blast of notes. “Waste” is a thirty-second run through of punishing flames and segues well into “Tear You Apart” where both tracks act as a single entity; never missing a beat and connecting almost symbiotically. The methods of execution used are primarily hardcore two-step percussive beats and blazing guitar with vocals ripped straight from a screaming textbook.

The last track, “Rose” however mixes the final moments and feels like a recap of what was just witnessed. Demo concludes on using “Rose” to be the first and only solo piece on the guitar where Cannon moves expertly through the fret board, but still keep the same claustrophobic feel that Snarl packs so well into a track. Snarl is an intense mix and not for the faint of heart, the five long minutes are calls for more that so desperately need to be answered.

While Demo is just a short exhibition of what both Cam McBain and Parker Cannon can do, it is still worth mentioning that their style is one that falls into the shape of hardcore.

Listen to Demo Here!!! – BandCamp

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