Misc. Day – Split Tape Blues


From 2015 to 2016, the desert stylings of the endless flames come from the choice cut, Empty Beings. As the road stretches beyond on the ability through musical changes, Both the Demo and Confront The Living tapes are approachable pieces of punk power.

Head-on assault avoids the conflicts of a strong-fisted group like Minor Threat and instead adapts to this unique formality of trance-esque punk where the guitars are often a pedal-driven foundation. The percussion is a crash of cymbals but stays consistently principal as the worlds begin to collide within the simplistically coined Demo. The first rush of “Feed Into It” forms the cold grasp around the listener, some fragments of humanity can be found in the front lead’s vocals who uses her ritualistic performance as a method of intoxication.

Empty Beings becomes everything a four-piece combo meal could be, a slight sting with a refreshing and crisp sense of understanding. The band comes together with open arms into this carefree sound that is more suited for dancing than moshing, more driving than crashing. Demo is a pushing presence that works to ultimately embark this youthful gaze through catchy riffs and instrumentation. The vocalization is this layering that takes weight off the records and can deliver this overbearing capturing of lightweight persistence.

Both records between Demo and Confront The Living hit that sweet-spot of reaching 11-minutes between six-tracks. At every turn, each track becomes blurred together as Empty Beings use breakdowns within the start of Confront The Living’s “Fairweather” that hits to the walls. The first track where tension becomes the motivation, Confront The Living bases this lucid background to resembling the basements and lounges where Empty Beings can be the center of attention. They work to adapt as a group, some approachability to each record and the progression shows more within their play styles. The tracks on Confront The Living are not significantly different but have slight tweaks that actually make them feel as new.

Surprisingly, in a sea of endless bands and acts that try to create originality, Empty Beings does it through second-nature. Each track becomes more familiar than the last and starts to work within this aura of how both Demo and Confront The Living can live within each other. The continuation never skips a beat and consistently is identifiable as a textured and distinctive mission through Empty Beings one year to the next.

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