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New Music – Alienation

More of an eclectic ensemble than any sort of progressive genre piece, KAYTRANADA’s 2019 release BUBBA is a dance-heavy groove that continues to illustrate a bop-fest of adaptability. Perfect for the after-hours clubs of a dream-phased city, KAYTRANADA is able to encapsulate alienation within… Continue Reading “New Music – Alienation”

STREAMING // (Album) Warthog – “Live!”

Listen Here – BandCamp Recorded LIVE at Zebulon, Los Angeles, CA – 1/10/19 Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered By: Mike Kriebel Shout Recordings

Misc. Day – Hot Seats

Watch the world as it burns around No Warning, the fire churns around the thrashing push to create a confrontational and deliberate attack between the belligerent pummeling that their 2017 release, Torture Culture can create. Watch as not only does the cinder create a… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Hot Seats”

Misc. Day – Killer Beast

Not to be confused with the 2018 release, the self-titled release Warthog (2016) takes the hardcore New York tendencies to a desperate level of darkened stabs and wild, belligerent ability. Within the nine-minute, 12-second track attack comes the aggressive push toward the deep end… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Killer Beast”

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