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Watch the world as it burns around No Warning, the fire churns around the thrashing push to create a confrontational and deliberate attack between the belligerent pummeling that their 2017 release, Torture Culture can create. Watch as not only does the cinder create a mighty rise from the burnt and charred ashes of a shattered split in 2005, which nearly a decade later transpires into one of hardcore’s more open-armed welcomes.

No Warning simply put is tough, the Toronto 416er’s spawned with their last record releasing in 2004, without much noise besides the work of singles and compilation albums. As Torture Culture rears the water-boarded face behind drench bandages and a bloodied demeanor, No Warning is back to fight. With some of the earliest installments of the group defining a new reckoning of thrash in the modern sense, No Warning are officially seasoned in the game. Even with a break in the action between 2005 – 2013, those first ambient sounds of radio crushes and subtle guitar work invoke the magic behind the insanity of a live show.

“Headless” then erupts with the force of 1000 suns, the guitars are in a frenzy and contain more punch than a lit fuse in a firework factory. That’s what makes No Warning such an interesting act to study and listen to is the fact that they are volatile and can overflow at any time. Just as soon as the harsh singing forms over the lightning quick riffs and strength through percussion, the pulverizing power is overtaking as a mighty wave would be. In the first near-four minutes that “Headless” forms, No Warning strikes immediate fear into the hearts and bears witness to the accountability of how blessed a reunion can feel.

Every track inches closer and closer to this cliffside that pressures the listener into an always cornering emotional dissonance. The unstoppable figure, in this case, is No Warning holding no remorse or sense of pity as the gruff punch continues to beat as an always adaptable presence. With “Hell Realm” the curtain draws on the mid-point of Torture Culture and creates this familiar feeling behind the style. Not only have the previous tracks felt like a continuation of each other, running and flowing synonymously in a format that becomes unnoticed, keying together pieces of one large, raging, and burning puzzle.

The measures of engagement that No Warning holds over the listener’s head, creating a dichotomy between the stomping and the mosh pits where there are no laws, no saviors, and certainly no stopping until Torture Culture draws to a final close. Between the right hooks, the uppercuts, and the steel-toed boot assaults, No Warning is surprisingly adventurous and sparks that intrigue in a band that almost seemingly died out among the dwindling ember.

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