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Classic Day – Fingers In The Socket

With a recording process that seems to be formed in the deepest, yet most exhilarating moments of punk rock basements; Le Shok is an original. The group that formed under Long Beach, Californian nights and had a lo-fi sensibility before the wave and ages… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Fingers In The Socket”

STREAMING // (Album) The Growlers – “Casual Acquaintances”

Listen/Buy Here – Burger Records/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

New Music – Come Get Soaked

In a time period where music is at its most experimental age, Soaked brings a sense of familiarity while attaching a new twist on the classic “desert-rock” style. Their new record, Don’t Wanna Wake Up Today is a call to the age of blaring… Continue Reading “New Music – Come Get Soaked”

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