Classic Day – Fingers In The Socket


With a recording process that seems to be formed in the deepest, yet most exhilarating moments of punk rock basements; Le Shok is an original. The group that formed under Long Beach, Californian nights and had a lo-fi sensibility before the wave and ages of Soundcloud. With their 2000 debut of We Are Electrocution, Le Shok is on the front lines battling the hard-fought punk rock battle that involves rapid instrumentation and a performance as shocking as ever before.

While still writhing on the ground from the pains of Y2K never coming true, We Are Electrocution acts as a 14-minute, 13-track blitz that continues to punish throughout. Allowing very little in sense of breaks, Le Shok is a continuation of the beckoning voices where obscure bands would collect together and create small, but lasting impressions on the music industry. From the incredibly capturing artwork of the front cover which depicts a socket replacing the female anatomy, to the bright and vivid colors that surround the pale legs; it displays a crude humor to the relentless sound.

We Are Electrocution continues to expand, creating a whirlwind of sound coming from the nihilistic and almost punishing tracks. “Killed By Fuck”, “Where’s the Line Begin for Vicodin?”, and “Brett Cutts (Himself)” are all some of the comedic titles where these tracks balance between raging and harmonic styling’s. Le Shok fits well into a mold in which they create. They are able to balance between the strange workings of what appears to be these organ keys that somehow flood perfectly into the bouncing percussion and shouts. The instrumentation is the anchor-point to We Are Electrocution and without these random outbursts, Le Shok would fall under a wave of outmatched performance.

As the shouts finally seem to cease and there is little left to We Are Electrocution, Le Shok falls to the wayside and allows the 14-minutes to become a last love letter to the past generation’s music scene. With attacking on all fronts, moving to work and manipulate through art, and starting fires within the coastal town of Long Beach; Le Shok is gasoline in a controlled 13-tracks.

Listen To We Are Electrocution Here!!! – Youtube/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

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