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In a time period where music is at its most experimental age, Soaked brings a sense of familiarity while attaching a new twist on the classic “desert-rock” style. Their new record, Don’t Wanna Wake Up Today is a call to the age of blaring surf guitars and stacked vocals, but also moves progressively toward a more aggressive style of play and completely peaks with a full range of emotion from track to track. Every incoming song is a rollercoaster of emotion that relies heavily on creating sing-along styled choruses where Soaked begs to get the audience involved as much as possible.

Starting Don’t Wanna Wake Up Today with a subtle, but eventual bang. “Backseat Heat” is a rapid track that moves effortlessly like an anthem and sets up shop for little over three minutes which is close to one of the longest tracks on Don’t Wanna Wake Up Today. The whole record can be played in its entirety in 30-minutes which is incredibly unfortunate as the sound of Soaked is not incredibly unique, but it is done incredibly well and the production from Matthew Melton is outstanding. The instruments are crisp and even when various effects are laid onto the guitars, or the drums move from the background to the foreground; Soaked stays consistently flowing and does not take much time to let there be silence around their music.

This style of play adds to the atmosphere of Don’t Wanna Wake Up Today and keeps the action moving. With the quick segues of “Oh So High,” “Addicted to the Weekend,” and “Julia,” it becomes clear that Soaked will continue to create their own path and try to stick to making an approachable, but genuine sound. Approaches on tracks like “Finally” are filled with claps and a large focus on using different drum fills and switches from the hi-hat to the ride cymbals to move the track in different directions. This is then even more apparent on the following track, “Come Down” which adopts a slowed style.

This stylistic choice is more relaxed and puts a larger focus on the vocals and guitar as they are the center of the spotlight as the percussion creates the backing support. Soaked continually switches from a rushed style of play and a more relaxed approach which keeps each track feeling fresh and never becoming a dragging motion. Even with the short tracks, Don’t Wanna Wake Up Today has a somber ending and continues to resonate as a mostly fun, quick, refresher in the experimental age of music. While not entirely off-kilter or extremely risk taking, Soaked makes music that feels good to be listened to, and that’s all we can ask for.

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