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Profound, Prolific, and Exceptional; Knxwledge, the beat maker from the “place where dreams are made of” strikes gold with his debut record release, Hud Dreems. While not his first project, Knxwledge still makes a substantial first appearance on Stones Throw Records who has seen the likes of other geniuses like Madvillain, J Dilla, and Wildchild. All of which, had their share of the spotlight in one span or another. Knxwledge is no different as he takes a journey with his music though a sun shone run of mixed instruments that differ on sound and style, but keep a consistent feeling of easiness about them.

While talking about the individual tracks would be incredibly monotonous as there are 26 in total, I will talk more about Knxwledge’s style and how he makes his approaches through seguing devices and how he capitalizes on making a unique sound that is light on the ears and heavy on the production. Knxwledge combines a sense of soul, funk, and jazz into his beats that make for a flowing, but still relaxed style of music that echoes with the likes of smooth, lo-fi production. Instead of bringing a large focus on creating verses or lyrics, Knxwledge would rather focus on making true beauty with what seems like an orchestra of sounds. He takes samples, and vocal recordings, then shifts them into a Frankenstein-esque monster of chord progressions and percussion that sounds substantially twisted, but remarkably unlike anyone else in the music industry.

His uniqueness makes for a travel like no other, Hud Dreems is a culmination of inspiration, power, and stylistic appeal that makes Knxwledge stand out. Through his efforts, he creates an enjoyable, almost mixtape of proportions that breaks down the barriers, mixing several genres into a unified piece that illustrates a sense of light. Hud Dreems is a drive through the sunset streets of a metropolis where its people are basking in the glory, an adventure through the warm, gentle roads where every sin is melted away. Knxwledge’s music is truly alluring to a wide range and approachable from a broad sense.

Unable to be bound to the problems or narrowing walls of genre-stability, Knxwledge creates a stepping stone in his own world where his creativity flows and makes for one of the best releases to come away from Stones Throw Records. Hud Dreems strays away from the normality and formality of music, becoming a monument in experimentation and in sound.

Listen to Hud Dreems Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

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