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New Music – First Cuts

In the absence of the digital void that Death Grip leaves on the internet, luckily there are still visionaries like Zach Hill, Nick Reinhart of Tera Melos fame, and Robby Moncrieff from The Advantage that give bombastic applications of sound. Their newest three-piece project,… Continue Reading “New Music – First Cuts”

Misc. Day – Tasmanian Geographic

2011 was a fascinating year for personal growth, but truly the timeframe is iconic for the burst of Death Grips and their debut record, Exmilitary. If going by year, this would have to be the most personally influential record that shattered the borders of… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Tasmanian Geographic”

STREAMING // (Video) Death Grips – “Flies”

Track 2 From Y.O.T.S. // Listen/Watch Here – Youtube

STREAMING // (Video) Death Grips – “Black Paint”

Track three from Y.O.T.S. // Listen/Watch Here – Youtube

STREAMING // (Video) Death Grips – “Streaky”

Track 8 of Y.O.T. S. // Listen/Watch Here – Youtube  

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