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In the absence of the digital void that Death Grip leaves on the internet, luckily there are still visionaries like Zach Hill, Nick Reinhart of Tera Melos fame, and Robby Moncrieff from The Advantage that give bombastic applications of sound.

Their newest three-piece project, Undo K From Hot is an electronic and glitchy MOAB that breaks apart and strips more than it builds. The debut record, G.A.S. Get A Star spends the entire 32 minutes and 48 seconds in a bubble of cosmic elemental reactions that are more a shock to the system than a sense of healing.

Opening with “Ziplock Quilts That Kill From Hot,” there is already this strange nature that underlies on the record. If combining Hill, Reinhart, and Moncrieff wasn’t enough to give interest in the performance, Undo K From Hot spends much of the time on “Ziplock Quilts That Kill From Hot” as a continuous shouting match with a mirror. It becomes harder and harder to isolate single sections to analyze and is instead matched better with just continuously looking at the whole elephant in the room.

Other moments like “Incomplete Spanks” are as if the Uncut Gems title track and speed had a child. Twisted with these strangely moving and warped synths that are almost inspiriting at first, the percussion bursts through the door as a steamroller attached by kerosine.

The technical playstyle and ability are there, giving Undo K From Hot concrete foundations to stand upon. But as soon as the audience gains some traction and footing, Undo K From Hot is there again to sweep the leg out from under.

G.A.S. Get A Star follows this same method on “Empty AM” which uses slicing metal on metal to give an instrumental. The percussion is actually quite approachable, but as the track melts on with this infernal machine of unstoppable proportions, “Empty AM” loses sight of itself. The track devolves into sporadic whispers and shouts that match with a constant punch-and-go tactic.

The best way to describe Undo K From Hot here is through the hammer-and-anvil tactics, a crushing and constantly moving monster of oppressing sound. G.A.S. Get A Star is engaging throughout though, and really challenges the listener in these moments of nearly freeform electronica.

When the final notes spawn and the studio is left in ashes, Undo K From Hot gives insight into this aggressive and metallic world. It takes time to warm up to, but G.A.S. Get A Star is also impossible to ignore.

Listen To G.A.S. Get A Star Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify

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