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STREAMING // (Album) Acid Casualties – “Victims of Psychick Warfare”

Listen Here – BandCamp Vocals: Pepe Pendejo Bass: Matty Acid Guitar/Art: Matty Ammo Drums: Jackal Recorded, Mixed, + Mastered By: Shane Furst Track List: R.O.T.C., Pillar Of Skulls, Back On The Chain Gang, Against The Wall, Sacrifice, Loaded Dice, F.E.V. Mutation

Classic Day – Beware Of Man

The age of especially long jazz-fusion hip-hop records were the thing in the early 2000’s. That was an era of man that decided that 25-total tracks was the best approach to engrain power to the ears. Jedi Mind Tricks with their second release, Violent… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Beware Of Man”

Classic Day – Bathory Motives

A revolution has been coming for a long while, everything has a life cycle and this extends into the foregrounds of music where even the most experimental of albums have a lifeline. A place where geniuses are forgotten about, a place where a sound… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Bathory Motives”

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