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STREAMING // (Video) Code Orange – “You And You Alone: 002”

Listen/Watch Here – Twitch

New Music – Down.We.Go

With all the events that led up to 2020, the monumental year is every day, seeming like a larger burning fire that cascades over the world. In a time of dystopian-esque hellscapes, Code Orange takes this sense of anger, frustration, and confusion, twisting it… Continue Reading “New Music – Down.We.Go”

Misc. Day – Pittsburgh’s Furnace

Metallic, pulverizing, but hometown, all accurate descriptions of Pittsburgh’s bruisers turned hardcore idols from the metal mills of Braddock to the center stage internationally. As Code Orange still erupts with fury from deep inside the hardcore outfit, 2014’s I Am King was a precursor… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Pittsburgh’s Furnace”

STREAMING // (Video) Code Orange – “Only1(The Hard Way)

The Only Way Down… // Listen/Watch Here – Youtube

New Music – Crush Your Masters

Pittsburgh’s hardcore slug-fest Code Orange, formally known as Code Orange Kids come swinging, stabbing, and slicing through with their brand new Roadrunner LP debut, Forever. Still sticking with the theme of desolation, an immense level of aggressiveness, and an everlasting thirst to destroy everything… Continue Reading “New Music – Crush Your Masters”

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