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With all the events that led up to 2020, the monumental year is every day, seeming like a larger burning fire that cascades over the world. In a time of dystopian-esque hellscapes, Code Orange takes this sense of anger, frustration, and confusion, twisting it into a motivating factor for a glitched fourth studio record that embodies this chaos.

Underneath is the accumulation of personally; late nights in the discords, spending hours on puzzles trying to peek deeper into the rabbit hole of the internet, and forming this weird bond through the ARG (Augmented Reality Game) with a common ground of wanting to crawl closer into the muddled world that Code Orange creates. From I Am King to Forever, the progression was apparent and created a direct correlation that was desperate for etching in the skin of metal. Now, after a Grammy nomination, Code Orange spin kicks its way back from Pittsburgh to cover the roots of something that can form a link to a record that does more for experimentation through industrial and electronic elements that boost the hardcore sound through the ground.

Beginning with an ominous introduction of “(deeperthanbefore)” where these synths build and create a symphonic release when the words “Let’s take a good look at you,” continues to echo in the listener’s mind. The then harsh and jagged static that overcomes the speakers is an auditory prison, but evolves into the lead single “Swallowing The Rabbit Whole.” If doubts were first cast on Underneath about the hardcore elements of the record, tracks like “Swallowing The Rabbit Whole,” “In Fear,” “You And You Alone,” and “Cold.Metal.Place.” are like three-knives that plunge and thrive in that doubt.

When “Cold.Metal.Place” breaks through that glass enclosure like a wild and deranged animal in captivity, nothing is a viable option to stop it. The behemoth of a track is orchestrated by the blitzing instrumentation by Code Orange’s instrumentalists and vocalist led by new frontman Jami Morgan on vocals and studio percussion. He begins, “The rain and the thunder, it’s dragging me under. But the hammer of judgment is crushing you,” as the backing performances are this schizophrenic and sporadic clashes behind him. With programming from Shade Balderose, guitars and vocals from Reba Meyers and Dominic Landolina, bass from Joe Goldman, and a new introduction of Mud Man on live percussion. The group is now more connected than ever and it’s incredibly apparent on Underneath.

It is hard to cover this overarching misery known as Underneath because the content is so deeply layered and through each listen, more can be discovered and introduced. With tracks that seem to have little samples from past Code Orange tracks, references to maniacs, and a larger disconnect to the physical world, Underneath is one of the strongest releases of the year and possibly the decade.

Essentially, this record will fuck you up and cares more about standing as monuments and honest reflections of diversity through sound. Rather than being up above it, the band would rather be down in it; in the mud and chaos of what metal music can really be, slowly carving T.O.T.H. into the foreheads of those who will listen.

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