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STREAMING // (Album) Enjoy – “Deep Cuts, Vol. 2 (2011 – 2013)”

Listen Here – Spotify Track List: Loosen Up Mutha’ Fucka’, I’m Content, Terrific As Terrific Gets, Hi Beautiful, Portals, Avoid Me By Walking Two Steps Backwards, Gold, Touch, Mystic Ride, Interest

STREAMING // (Track) Enjoy – “Generic Tree (Remix)”

Listen Here – Spotify

New Music – Garden Of Eden

From the thick bass snaps on the strings to the childish but incredibly charismatic instrumental breaks, Enjoy almost always packs something to be highlighted with each release. On Sessions With A Nasty Old Tree, the nostalgic emotional wash is almost reminiscent of a time… Continue Reading “New Music – Garden Of Eden”

STREAMING // (Video) Enjoy – “Vape Smoke”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Song Written + Produced By: Wyatt Shears Mixed + Mastered By: Oren Ratowsky Video Directed + Edited By: Weston Allen Concept By: Wyatt Shears + Weston Allen Animation By: William Sipos 3D Illustration By: Good Boy Graphics Styled By: Ashley Clue

Misc. Day – Comedic Footprint

Wyatt Shears is not just 1/2 of The Garden with his twin brother Fletcher Shears but also dives into his own separate full-length project with experimentalism as the basis for creation. Enjoy, while being less refined than their joint venture, has staples of surf-rock but… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Comedic Footprint”

STREAMING // (Video) Enjoy – “Live Session Spring 2020”

Listen/Watch Here  – Youtube Created By: Wyatt Shears

STREAMING // (Video) Enjoy – “Why Do I Try”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Written and Produced By: Wyatt Shears Directed By: Nesto Director of Photography: Bill Meese Steadicam: James Sielaff Cameo By: Ashley Clue Grips: Mark Phillips & Andy Schwartz Mastered By: Sean Campos Mixed By: Ashley Clue

STREAMING // Enjoy – “Small Car Big Wheels”

Listen Here – BandCamp/Spotify/iTunes

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