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From the thick bass snaps on the strings to the childish but incredibly charismatic instrumental breaks, Enjoy almost always packs something to be highlighted with each release. On Sessions With A Nasty Old Tree, the nostalgic emotional wash is almost reminiscent of a time before days dragged on into months.

The cycle turns and grains of sand are counted as time, in Enjoy’s life; the nine tracks stretch over 30 minutes and collect a source of positive features to round out Sessions With A Nasty Old Tree as a goodbye party for 2020.

Starting with “Vape Smoke,” while comedic in name, is a crunchy nautical adventure full of squishing 808 bass slaps and a whimsical key section. Wyatt Shears is the main narrator for Sessions With A Nasty Old Tree and his vocals on “Vape Smoke” are almost ethereal and distant. He describes, “Lil vape in my face, big things on my plate. Long text from a friend, can’t wait til it ends.”

The instrumentation picks up and those bass strings become more prevalent as he begins to act on a hook structure, describing, “lost in the story, nose in a book. Whatever your vice is, however it looks. Drifting off but not fading away, I think about going there every day, every day… I’m still here in it.” The track here is built almost like a hip-hop track that focuses more on the instrumental and repetition of a hook instead of a typical verse and chorus structure.

Then as Enjoy moves into “My Collections,” the instrumentation is more energized and able to be sandwiched between layers of drum and bass and also fairly beautiful synth work. Describing on the first verse, “Collections don’t mean that much to me, cause I found the rarest one to see. She wasn’t that hard to find, wasn’t on my mind.” The instrumental has this bedroom pop element behind it where the warping bounce is enticing and adds this more wide-awake push behind the sound.

Especially when examining the percussion that Shears picks, “My Collections” is a prime example of how the instrumentation is layered enough to get lost at times. With random clicks and sound effects aiding to the charisma of the track, Enjoy is both youthful in performance but also progressive enough to switch in an instant.

Even on the more uplifting tracks like “Southern Story” that features Cowgirl Clue, the instrumentation from Shears is fascinating and almost borders on the line of being a 2000’s sitcom that aged well. The use of syncopated snare clicks and the whirling guitar pieces are glittery and almost refined to be under the realm of both clean and amateur.

It’s a young love that transposes much of Enjoy’s resonation with the audience. Shears is continually advancing to become deeper in thought and lost within this odd world that he creates from one record to the next, letting the apple fall near the tree.

Listen To Sessions With A Nasty Old Tree Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/iTunes

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