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STREAMING // (Video) Lolo Zouaï – “Caffeine”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Director: Nathalie Canguilhem DP: Adrien Bertolle Executive Producer: Sarah Lee Line Producer: Miranda Khan Stylist: Edem Dossou Production Designer: Taylor Horne VFX + Flame: Anthony Lestremau Song Produced By: Stelios Written By: Lolo Zouaï + Stelios Phili Mixed By: Fab Dupont…

New Music – Bilingual Radio

France has always been the language of absolute beauty and love, coming from the fine porcelain voice of Lolo Zouaï, love has never been closer. She works within her own vocal abilities and the use of reverberation and repetition to create lines and hooks…

Classic Day – Gasmasks and Rubble

Faith No More was at one time two separate entities, balancing on two different sounds. There was the Faith No More that had brought Mike Patton on to record and give life to the lyrics of their last record, The Real Thing. Then there…

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