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France has always been the language of absolute beauty and love, coming from the fine porcelain voice of Lolo Zouaï, love has never been closer. She works within her own vocal abilities and the use of reverberation and repetition to create lines and hooks on High Highs to Low Lows that reflect the bittersweet emotional attachment of audiophile heartbreak.

From the first glance that appears as the self-titled track, “High Highs to Low Lows” is vague, but capturing installment that feels shadowed by the dreamscape vocal performances and rattling hi-hats. The snare that knocks along does not reflect a boom-bap style, but instead a modern twist on this melancholy reflection. High Highs To Low Lows is essentially a mirror where Lolo Zouaï can manufacture a cracked outlook on the surrounding world that engulfs her. She is clever in her delivery that depicts “Yeah fake gold on my hoops real rips on my pants, they think it’s all Gucci but it’s 99 cents,” she explains with an instrumental that is minimalistic, but somehow layered in design.

As Zouaï continues on, she starts to use small vocal inflections that push her French dialect to the forefront. Then moving into “Moi”, she begins to use this sound of silk that is almost a siren song. The instrumentation starts to take shape through a danceable, more club-esque flair. High Highs to Low Lows is surprisingly approachable as a record that deals with such a wide range of emotional distress and victory.

When reaching into the pocket of “Caffeine”, Lolo Zouaï is a fascinating voice behind this catchy 808 and cascading string ensemble that resembles an auditory dessert. She describes, “I turn you up, caffeine. Walking with a lean? I got what you need, you need a pick-me-up? No slow down, French Vanilla drippin’ in your cup,” before reaching this first verse that thrives through sexualization and desire. As she moves through the city under nightfall, “Caffeine” acts as a Cadillac of a catalyst where Zouaï can transition and deliberately stretch her style.

Finesse is an important method that comes from High Highs to Low Lows and Lolo Zouaï is a master of the craft. Her voice can lure the listener in and then she becomes this anthem that is traceable and easily followed. She is progressive in the way that the tracks are laid out through these dynamic changes from each track, but still, have this underlying structure that makes everything compatible with the ear. Zouaï sounds gorgeous but works as a living art behind the stress of surviving.

With a final wrap on the shooting, editing, and directing of her own 38-minute short story played through the speakers; Zouaï can conquer a sound and reach outside this boundary without destroying the original image. As she finally sings the last notes, it is clear that she will disappear into the shadowed walls of the large, populated city where the listener will no doubt be leading an endless chase toward her next display of work.

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