Grey 5 K9’s


KILL YOURSELF PART XIV: THE VULTURE SAGA is the first opening to the true wormhole that becomes unleashed when Ruby and $crim begin to show their full biting potential. An overcharged blast from two double-barreled shotguns is around the equivalent of what PART XIV brings to the table. The production is stacked up to an eleven on the Richter Scale, allowing for an insightful look into the devastation that can be caused from pairing rough verses with throat punching instrumentals.

The acidic pair starts the bludgeoning with “FUCK”, one of the more sadistic tracks featured throughout the Suicidal Sagas. The rough cut 808’s that rush the listener, the horrific sample that is featured under the surface of the track’s foreground, and the hi-hat that just barely claps along as the intensity of “FUCK” is ramped up to a complete curve. $crim has some unforgettable lines that include, “Double my cup with mud bitch, sluts wanna suck dick, hit ‘em with that drop kick…” and a back and forth tag-team from Ruby where he describes, “Rather be dead than bored, settle the score, let the metal pour right on to the floor”. $crim’s verse takes the award for being the most outrageous, but it matches well with the tone of the track and was one of the first lines in the KILL YOURSELF PART XIV: THE VULTURE SAGA that jumped out and presented itself in such a fantastic way.

Moving onto the following track, “PUMP FAKE” is similar in how the $UICIDEBOY$ move in a maniacal manner, but “PUMP FAKE” spares no expense when being taken as a second chapter in KILL YOURSELF PART XIV: THE VULTURE SAGA. Even with such an atrocity as “FUCK” and even the final track, “VENOM”, “PUMP FAKE” does not stand out as much as the other two features on the Saga as it just does not have that same terrifying feeling behind it. When “FUCK” or VENOM” is played, it beings this black cloud of terror with it that begs for movement and to be played to the death, with “PUMP FAKE” the verses are there and the charismatic styling is there, but it just is not enough to make a substantial meaning.

The final track however, “VENOM” is a perfect ender to the overly-aggressive saga and one of the much needed genre-switch ups from $UICIDEBOY$. The singing and more gentle production is definitely necessary to illustrate a wavelength in their styles, but $UICIDEBOY$ do a stunning and shocking job with hardcore rap. Their hostile style and the pushed feature from Shakewell, the Keystone Prince allows a little more of a distinct and individual style to be presented.

Incredibly angry, forceful, and wrathful, $UICIDEBOY$ show a side to rap that most of their audience have never seen and that brings an attention about them. Not only can they show a soft side that mixes up the action, but they show that they can still throw down with rough production and teeth-bared to dive onto some unfaithful prey.


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