Underwater Rulers


Moving into the halfway mark with the third released KILL YOURSELF SAGA, the ATLANTIS SAGA is a more melodramatic styled release that focuses more on the relaxed flow of both $crim and Ruby. Where the first two opened a personal attack on the world that surrounded them, $UICIDEBOY$ move differently in the thirteenth installment of the Suicidal Sagas. For the $UICIDEBOY$ standards, THE ATLANTIS SAGA is a much tamer animal and is an approachable beast with three very personal accounts of fruitful flows and waving production that balances somewhere between a pouncing charge and an awaiting predator.

The opening track, “O’ LORD! I HAVE MY DOUBTSis an insightful adventure that includes material from the past releases of $UICIDEBOY$, but instead, the overflowing assault is toned down on these pieces of the puzzle. The ethereal voices, the rising synths, and the rattling hi-hats are present, but used in a significantly different way to express an entirely fresh spin on the classic sound. Even as the lyrical output is still a standoffish, near ghoulish line of writing, there is instead a relaxed group of voices behind the words. Both Ruby and $crim show their more aggressive side with lyrics that include, “I’m so slumped, I’m so numb, swerving, skrrting with the pump”, and “cut throat with Draco, it’s the young slenderman”. But here the words are not being yelled or even said with a rough growl, they are more sung than the other Sagas and even the following tracks, “HARD TO TELL”, and “NEW CHAINS, SAME SHACKLES”, are presented more in a melodic style.

“NEW CHAINS, SAME SHACKLES” was one of the singles released and included a video to go along with the music. The video that accompanies the music is rather grim and shows the waves of the ocean coming and going as both $crim and Ruby deliver some of the most vocal performances of their careers, especially in Ruby’s verse. The random samples that are thrown underneath the beat continue to add this incredible amount of depth that $UICIDEBOY$ have always managed to include into their tracks and to only increase with each project. Seeing the growth is immaculate in an artist like the $UICIDEBOY$ that release such an overbearing level of music. From their earliest singles, to their final completed projects, the $UICIDEBOY$ are a group that always have something being cooked up.

The relaxed flow only stays for a moment as the other Sagas included are much more of an aggressive counter piece when paired with the other two. The final moments of seeing these style switches over fifteen total tracks leaves a fulfilment for any fans that have been begging for more.



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