Drown In it


The final step from $UICIDEBOY$, KILL YOURSELF PART XV: THE COAST OF ASHES SAGA. The final Saga, but most definitely not the final chapter in $UICIDEBOY$ repertoire; the New Orleans rap kings leave with an explosive amount of closure and the various Sagas seem like a satisfying end to one of the most consecutive set of releases from a single group. It is not all straight-forward aggression like the previous saga, but $UICIDEBOY$ do not lay all their cards on the table either. They make a bullet-line approach to the front lines and display a less antiquated style and more of a style that first rose them to fame in the first place. A style that fans can relate to and remember from their earliest Sagas, whatever they put their hands on, it becomes an instantly recognizable piece of art.

Opening the doors with “STYROFOAM”, the classy styled production with saxophone and choruses illustrate a more approachable style to the $UICIDEBOY$, but the verses soon take that manner away. Both Ruby and $crim have a certain deadly grace behind their verses and when being involved in the tag-team-esque technique that they have nearly perfected, it makes for one of the better produced and sounding of the Sagas. $crim begins, “Young Tyler Durden, introverted, born a burden yet they still worship…”, Ruby then slides in right after and shows a more glassy-eyed verse, “Now I’m leaned over, now my spleen’s Yoda, green throw up. I’mma fiend, so what?”. It is a similar display to the usual themes that $UICIDEBOY$ discuss, but they follow this up with “WITHDRAWALS/WITHDRAWALS” that shows a simple grimace into the past and those who doubted what they could accomplish.

Ruby starts the track off and explains, “Who is Ruby Da Cherry? Let the internet keep guessing, that’s always the fucking lesson. The less you have, the more you getting, suicide G59, I’m guessing all the blogs slept in”. $crim then goes off with the same flow and argument as he describes, “Fuck the cops, fuck you, and motherfuck the population. All these good motherfuckers just some fucking imitations”. $crim is more vulgar, has a little more anger in his voice, and displays a real sense of pride as he finishes his verse with a call out to G59 and $UICIDEBOY$ before letting the final cut, “PICTURES” flow into the main frame.

“PICTURES” has a feature from Maxo Kream who many thought would become one of the spots on the XXL Freshman list, but instead took to making waves in a separate way as he leads the final verse in “PICTURES”. The production here is just incredible and shows a real prowess on making some noise. $crim’s production skills only continue to increase with each release and he does a fantastic job of blending hellish percussion with a childlike lullaby chord section that echoes for what seems like an eternity as Ruby, $crim, and Kream completely destroy the track. Maxo Kream delivers an all-star verse where he rhymes, “You steady postin’ with that burner, you ain’t shoot shit, you just takin’ pictures… 2 23’s through the window, trigger Maxo bitch you know my name, joysticks like Nintendo since you niggas think that it’s a game. Call of Duty tactics with that plastic, stretch you like elastic”. The final moments of “PICTURES” ring out and let the beat settle before the violent waves come to a final halt.
The KILL YOURSELF PART XV: THE COAST OF ASHES SAGA marks the end for the fifteen set Saga for now, but $UICIDEBOY$ have already posted hints and teasers of new music coming out so it seems that the end will never come. $UICIDEBOY$ are one of the hardest working groups in rap right now and their constant love for posting new music and their prowess for displaying an incredible output each time is something that all need to respect.



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