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STREAMING // (Album) Relapse Records – “30 Year Anniversary Sampler”

Listen Here – BandCamp Featuring: Mastodon, Red Fang, Dying Fetus, Obituary, Death, Amorphis, Myrkur, Nothing, Torche, Baroness, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Pig Destroyer, Nasum, Nile, Suffocation, Incantation, Neurosis, High On Fire, YOB, Windhand, Monolord, Bongzilla, Gatecreeper, Exhumed, Full Of Hell, Integrity, Gism, Control Denied, Necrophagist,… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Album) Relapse Records – “30 Year Anniversary Sampler””

STREAMING // (Video) Primitive Man – “Entity”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Featuring Zoei Huntsman + George Trujillo Makeup + Practical FX: Rolando Rodriguez Director Of Photography: Brandon Blair Concept + Story By: Ethan McCarthy Produced By: Relapse Records + Show & Tell Media Directed By: Neil C. Barrett

New Music – To Be Broken

Gatecreeper’s new record, Deserted, wants to break the listener. It expands on their mental anguish from previous releases and opts in to form new, metallic overcoats that shine brightly against the blackened night. Deserted is less of an easing into the torment and more… Continue Reading “New Music – To Be Broken”

Misc. Day – Draped in Despair

As the clock turns systematically through these clamoring rings of cymbals and drained vocals, King Woman takes an inevitable march toward sonic damnation. Each step acts as tracks on their 2017 release Created in the Image of Suffering where screams into the void are… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Draped in Despair”

Misc. Day – Silent Matter

The long, droning noise that comes from Horseback is similar in style to what the darkness of the large pines at night would bring. It is the interpretation of mystery that is extended from Horseback’s full, but raspy sense of approach that delivers organized and understandable style. While the 2010 release, The Invisible Mountain is never deafening, it does show potential to be an overbearing monster of fragmented features…

STREAMING // (Video) GATECREEPER – “Stronghold”

Relapse Records // Listen/Watch Here – Youtube

New Music – Church Is In Session

Iron Reagan hails from Richmond, Virginia and brings with them an onslaught of blitz-like punches on their newest record, Crossover Ministry, which for some odd reason shares the same name of a free health care clinic also in Richmond. Iron Reagan is the complete… Continue Reading “New Music – Church Is In Session”

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