STREAMING // (Track) Together PANGEA – “Never Said I Wanna”

Listen Here – Soundcloud/Youtube/Spotify/iTunes

New Music – Antique Shop

From the living dummies to now the bulls of punk rock, together PANGEA is a band that raises eyebrows and stomps feet from the cheerful, grasping, but still realistic style of surf that transcends the standard check-list of other groups. Where together PANGEA succeeds… Continue Reading “New Music – Antique Shop”

Misc. Day – Together AT LAST

Living Dummy is the second record release of together PANGEA, the feel-good West Coast rock band hailing from Santa Clarita, California. PANGEA consists of William Keegan on vocals and guitar, Erik Jimenez on the percussion, and Danny Bengston on the bass. Together the triple… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Together AT LAST”

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