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Classic Day – Like Nas

How can one of the greatest hip-hop records be followed by one of the rappers with his face on lyrical Mount Rushmore? It follows with Nas and the 1996 release It Was Written which is a step away from the overwhelmingly grimy New York… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Like Nas”

Classic Day – Deadly History

A debut record in an artist’s discography is such a vital piece to their career in the music industry. Whether it becomes a number one against all odds, or falls to the wayside; 1st Infantry is the first look at the art of The… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Deadly History”

Classic Day – Welcome To Hell

Queensbridge Killers, better known as Mobb Deep was a terroristic rap-duo of hip-hop flavor. The late and greatly respected Prodigy, as well as accolade smashing MC, Havoc made up Mobb Deep; the two worked like a well-oiled machine of authentic-lyricism, head banging boom-bap production,… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Welcome To Hell”

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