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STREAMING // (Video) Kanye West – “Life Of The Party”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube

STREAMING // (Video) Kanye West – “Hurricane”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube

STREAMING // (Video) Kanye West – “Heaven And Hell”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube

STREAMING // (Video) Kanye West – “Wash Us In The Blood

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Featuring: Travis Scott

Classic Day – 10 Year Curve

This is just becoming an excuse to listen to this record on repeat for a week straight and then write down exactly why it is such an important piece in musical history. In the same way that cultures look at The Beatles’ records as… Continue Reading “Classic Day – 10 Year Curve”

Classic Day – Shattered Valves

In the expansive career that Kanye West has had over the 20 plus years in the music industry, he has covered nearly every feat possible. From Chicago to the hills of Hollywood, from Paris to Tokyo, it is fairly hard to encounter someone in… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Shattered Valves”

STREAMING // (Track) Kanye West – “Never See Me Again”

Listen Here – Soundcloud Originally unreleased from 2006

Misc. Day – Indy 500

From the speeding fast cars of GOOD Music to the Wyoming stationed studio sessions that came to one of the greatest months of music. Pusha T is no stranger taking a hand with Kanye West, hunkering down in the trench and emerging anew. With… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Indy 500”

STREAMING // (Track) Kanye West – “Bound 1”

Listen Here – Youtube Produced By: Hudson Mohawke and Tyler the Creator

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