STREAMING // (Video) $ILKMONEY – “My Potna Dem”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Shot By: BornUniversal Edited By: Saiya Directed By: MURPHY GRAVES + BornUniversal Produced By: PRINCEOFKEYSS

New Music – Broken Record

Amerikkka never seems to have a misplaced ounce of unusable anguish or disconcerted observation and one of the strongest and most visual narrators to recent recollection has to be $ilkMoney. The way that he can craft storytelling elements to fit an extremely longwinded, but… Continue Reading “New Music – Broken Record”

New Music – Don’t Trip

Expanding the range of $ilkMoney’s performance and abstract ideas coming to life is astonishing. The way he grabs the audience by the shoulders and somehow shouts but maintains control behind his display is almost otherworldly. Even as he jumps into the longest-running title of… Continue Reading “New Music – Don’t Trip”

STREAMING // (Track) $ilkmoney – “Africa”

Listen Here – Youtube/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes Produced By: STABILITY

Misc. Day – Leonard Lake

Fairly quickly does the blood-red images of horrific skulls and these stone pillars on $ilkMoney’s debut record I Hate My Life And I Wish People Would Stop Telling Me Not To flashes onto the audience’s eyes. Staring deeply back as if the eyes of… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Leonard Lake”

STREAMING // (Album) $ilkmoney – “I hate my life and I really wish people would stop telling me not to”

Listen Here – Spotify/Amazon/iTunes Featuring: Tyler, The Creator Producers: Darth Joom, Kahlil Blu, Tom Clancy, and Tyler, The Creator

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