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Amerikkka never seems to have a misplaced ounce of unusable anguish or disconcerted observation and one of the strongest and most visual narrators to recent recollection has to be $ilkMoney. The way that he can craft storytelling elements to fit an extremely longwinded, but intricate description on his newest record, Attack Of The Future Shocked, Flesh Covered, Meatbags Of The 85 is a mix of Smith & Wesson lyrical punch and the smooth slide of a carbon fiber frame.

Less about guns and more about the message, $ilkMoney through each release, as I begin to sound closer and closer like a broken record, becomes entirely adept at expressing his own thoughts through clever wordplay and isolated production. Where Attack Of The Future Shocked, Flesh Covered, Meatbags Of The 85 becomes different as a hip-hop record, or even as a record entirely, is in the lack of most productive natures like 808s and smacking drums. Instead, $ilkMoney makes the production become a classical, almost whimsical sense of these grandioso complexities that are progressive instead of just a feature piece.

On the first track despite the introduction, “I Wanna Be The Superbug When I Grow Up” is a charismatic run on the keys where $ilkMoney is deeply layered with his vocal innuendos and littered with charisma. He describes, “Musical blunt and it’s safe to say that you should face it. So close to the forbidden fruits of my labor I can almost taste it,” with references and an overload of lyrics that at initial impact, is strenuous to take in with one single listen.

Attack Of The Future Shocked, Flesh Covered, Meatbags Of The 85 is a record that demands to be replayed and to be listened to as deeply as possible. At times, $ilkMoney feels like this prophet that through the acid blotters and hours of staring at the walls in existential thought is a reflection of what’s burning through youth in America. If any track here is a mirror of this, it is “Black Hefty Bag Test” with production from Kahlil Blu which from every playthrough inches nearer to being one of his best tracks of his career.

He describes, “It’s such a shame how they love nigga euphemisms, and nigga movies with no niggas in them. They get a wigga like Bruno Mars to shoot at a dark conclusions… How you win Grammy’s off stealing from niggas who weren’t recipients.” As he continues on, he makes allusions to a sample from Justin Bieber where $ilkMoney illustrates, “I’ll be one less lonely nigga like Justin Bieber, but niggas seem to forget cause I keep me a new Travis Scott feature. Invited to the cookout but I forgot seasonings, forgot my nature and I stopped breathing.”

While the track is no doubt a jagged edge cut into the underlying racism and destruction seen in America, the lines can’t help but bring a smirk to the face when he even samples the same video of Bieber describing “One less lonely Nigger,” as $ilkMoney shines on what others are afraid to face.

Attack Of The Future Shocked, Flesh Covered, Meatbags Of The 85 is going to be one of the continuous pushes from $ilkMoney that highlights just how he is able to dance around the ugliness of artistic growth where the sun is unable to touch. As he creates off-brand hip-hop if you can even call it that, is more truth over a loose beat that $ilkMoney can roll tighter than a bodega wrap in the midsummer park.

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