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Classic Day – Mr. Player Hater

From Hunter Point, San Francisco; The RBL Posse (Ruthless By Law) was a trifecta of producers and rhymers that were caught up in the Gangsta Music craze that swept the nation with the likes of Public Enemy, NWA, Too $hort, and B-Legit. With their… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Mr. Player Hater”

Classic Day – Grapes of Wrath

1999 on the brink of insanity; through the Y2K fog and soon terror attacks on America, there was a clairvoyance in a single poet’s voice. Mos Def was a rising power in hip-hop after his project with Talib Kweli on Mos Def & Talib… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Grapes of Wrath”

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