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STREAMING // (Album) Ghostemane – “ANTI-ICON”

Listen Here – Spotify/Amazon/iTunes Track List: Intro.Destitute, Vegabond, Lazaretto, Sacrilege, AI, Fed Up, The Winds Of Change, Hydrochloride, Hellrap, Anti-Social Masochistic Rage [ASMR], Melanchoholic, Calamity, Falling Down

STREAMING // (Video) Ghostemane – “Lazaretto”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Director: Poppy Produced By: Milk and Honey Films Executive Producer: Tomas Krejci Executive Producer: Monika Soukup Executive Producer: Dylan Harris Line Producer: Stefan Cima Production Manager: Barbora Sovinska Production Coordinator: Daniela Pechmannova AD: Tereza Bajerova DP/Editor: Garrett Nicholson 1AC: Petr Soukup… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Video) Ghostemane – “Lazaretto””

STREAMING // (Video) Ghostemane – “AI”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Created + Produced By: Studio Linguini: Director + Animation: Nick Cinelli Producer: Jenny Shaughnessy 2D Animation: Venturia Animation Studios Production Design: Miryam Jacomini Puppets: Harry Richardson Props: Alice Simonato Lead Compositor: Ysabel King Concept By: Jon Tanners + Nick Cinelli

STREAMING // (Video) Ghostemane – “Bonesaw”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Director + Animations: Nick Cinelli Production Design: Kristina Kovacs Sets: Alastair Fleming Puppets: Lisa Ott Props: Harry Saxon Lead Compositor: Matt Lee Assistant Compositor: Isabel Garrett Concept By: Eric Ghoste, Nick Cinelli, + Jon Tanners

STREAMING // (Track) Ho99o9 X Ghostemane – “TWIST OF FATE / COBRA”

Listen Here – Youtube/Soundcloud/Spotify Written + Produced By: theOGM, Yeti Bones, Ghostemane, Dave “Squirrel” Covell & Elete  

STREAMING // (Video) Health X Ghostemane – “Judgement Night”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes Visuals By: Zev Deans

STREAMING // (Album) GHOSTEMANE – “Fear Network”

Listen Here – Soundcloud Written and Recorded By: Ghostemane Carbomb Guitars Written and Performed By: Wavy Jone$ Mastered By: Arthur Rizk

New Music – Destroyed by N/O/I/S/E

For the sheer animosity, striking structure, and the overpowering amount of ability; Ghostemane is a symbolic, adaptable, and incredibly peculiar individual in music. His newest release N/O/I/S/E is a collection of bass assaults, hardcore breakdowns, and fairly engaged, mangled twists and turns that coagulate… Continue Reading “New Music – Destroyed by N/O/I/S/E”

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